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12, 23, 30, 37, 162, 178, W10, W11, W18, W20
Guilford Round Base Projectile Point, Guilford Round Base Arrowhead
Name Details:
Named By:  Joffre L. Coe
Named For:  Guilford Focus
Date Identified:  1964
Type Site:  Doerschuk and Gaston site,  North Carolina
Guilford  Round Base

Commonly Utilized Material:
Primarily quartz, Antietam - Erwin Quartzite, rhyolite occasionally chert.

Cultural Period:   
6,200 - 5,000 B.P.
Middle Archaic
Middle Holocene

Glacial Period:   

Outline is Representative of Size and Shape:

Description of Physical Characteristics and Flaking Pattern:

This is a thick medium (1.9 to 4.75 inches) lanceolate point with a cross section that may vary from elliptical to having a median ridge.  The blade is excurvate with the tip curving in and curving back in towards the base.  The base is convex.  Basal grinding is present on this point.  This point has a random flaking pattern.

Size Measurements:  Length - 40 to 120 mm (average 65 to 95 mm ), Width -15 to 35 mm (average 25 to 30 mm), Thickness - 5 to 12 mm

Distribution Comments:

These points are primarily found on the Piedmont of North Carolina and Virginia and into southern Maryland to northern Georgia.  This point may also be found in the Tennessee River basin.

Similar Points:
Benjamin, Cobbs, Karnak Blade, Lerma, Nodena, Tennessee River
Related / Associated Points:
Guilford Straight Base, Guilford Round Base, Guilford Yuma, Halifax, Savannah River
Additional Comments:

Other Websites with Detailed Information:
At the Doerschuk site, these points were found above Morrow Mountain points and below Halifax points (Coe, 1959).
Guilford Round BaseGuilford Projectile PointGuilford Projectile PointGuilford Projectile Point
Other points in this Cluster:

Point Validity:   Valid Type

Coe was a highly respected and pioneering anthropologist in North Carolina archaeology and a preeminent authority on eastern North American anthropology.  This type was named in a professional publication and has many professional references.  This is considered a valid type.


Age Details:
This is part of the Guilford Complex.